About BAHA Ziptrak Blinds

BAHA carries three core fabric types for in a wide range of colours to suit any home or business. They are fully customisable and a best in class product. Simply design and place an order for your custom Ziptrak using our website and we will manufacture and deliver straight to your door. All at a fraction of the cost of a regular retailer.

Want a hassle-free way to protect your outdoor areas in any kind of weather? Whatever the season, just slide these outdoor blinds up or down in their tracks to keep areas warm in winter and cool in summer. They can be secured and locked in the up or down position with no zippers, bolts or buckles required. Without a doubt this is the best system to transform a deck or patio into a bug free, flexible indoor/outdoor space.

There are three fabric choices to consider when designing your blind. We have select these due to their durability, range of colours and light control. We have an option for all outdoor areas. Don’t forget that if you cannot decide on colour just order some free fabric samples and compare them at your location.

Clear PVC allows you to maintain a view and sense of space in an area. It’s a popular choice for homes and commercial buildings such as restaurants and cafes as it also retains heat very efficiently. There are two thicknesses you can select from with 1mm being the most hard-wearing. If you would like total transparency go for the clear option or choose tinted for glare reduction.

Sunscreen fabric has the most versatility. It is comprised of a weave that is wide enough to allow you see through but tight enough to block 95% of heat from the sun. It’s great for spaces with a beautiful outlook. There are over 30 colours to select from including white, natural, toffee, earth, pepper and alpine green.

Acrylic is the best choice for those who want maximum block out. It is made from cotton fibres that have been treated with a Teflon solution for water resistance. Colour fastness is achieved by dying the fibres before they are spun into their final form.

These blinds are commonly attached to a roof or beam and roll up and down via track guided system. The track system is the key feature as it provides a tight seal creating a genuine seal where you can control the elements (inducing bugs) and privacy.
If you buy Ziptrak Blinds they are supplied with a central locking mechanism as standard. The locking mechanism allows the awning to be secured into the down position and also retracted with one touch in just seconds. It’s also possible to upgrade to an AC motorised remote controlled version.

The maximum size for a single unit is 4.5m in wide and 3.0m high. Simply order multiple blinds for side by side installation if your area is greater than these dimension. Get in touch with our team if you are unclear of how the blinds might work in your situation. It’s best to take a couple of photos as well so that we can talk through them.
If you are considering installing there are three factors to consider when assessing your mounting options, headbox type, track finish, and central locking mechanism. We recommend this product be installed by professional or highly skilled DIYers only.

The aluminium head box is our premium option as it fully encloses the roller system, providing weather protection and a more refined appearance. When no head box is selected we supply a cast bracket which is suitable for both face and recess installation.

In some circumstances, you may not require coverage across the entire opening. For Example the awning may only need to come down halfway to meet a glass pool or deck fence. If your side-tracks do not extend to the ground, it’s recommended that you order side-track bottom caps to achieve a professional finish.

We offer a central locking mechanism as standard. This feature allows you to lock it into the down position and also retracted with one touch in just seconds. In addition to this a reverse handle can be added as an optional extra. The reverse handle is ideal if your awning is positioned in a walkway or another location where it needs to be ‘unlocked’ from both sides

For more information read our detailed instructions.

Remember that our price match guarantee means that we will honour any lower price on the same custom product available from an online retailer, or in a physical store in Australia. We are confident you will get a quality product at a great price when shopping with BAHA.

At BAHA, we want to help make your home renovation easy. Get in touch with our team if you have any questions.